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Presentation is an important feature in any community. Among the areas that receive a great deal of public attention are the local streets, byways and parking lots, as well as the central business district. Many communities and businesses that are attempting to maintain a clean and dirt-free environment have found that purchasing and maintaining their own fleet of snow sweeping equipment, street sweepers, catch basin cleaning equipment, and solid waste removal equipment can be a costly proposition.

Serving America’s Municipalities and the Private Sector
The principals at Dejana Industries, Inc. have been providing cities and towns, contractors and commercial/industrial accounts with cost effective snow removal, street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, and solid waste removal for years. The communities and private firms we have served have saved thousands of dollars simply by eliminating large capital outlays for expensive machines and lost time due to mechanical failure. The Dejana Industries program also allows for better utilization of personnel. You will find that the cost of these programs is competitive and that they are available on a per-project or long-term contract basis.

The conservative fiscal mood evident in municipalities today makes it even more appealing for those communities to seek more cost-efficient methods from outside vendors. Equipment maintenance, parts and down time due to repairs are major factors in determining whether to acquire these services on a contractual basis. Once the contract is in place, the municipality or industrial account is relieved of administrative problems regarding personnel, maintenance and scheduling. Dejana Industries can provide for services tailored to the needs of the community. A contract for street sweeping, for example, may call for sweeping by the curb mile, by the hour, or for the continuous maintenance of streets, as well as emergency sweeping.

Cash Flow Benefits
Clients who have switched to “outsourcing” have eliminated the major equipment purchases and costly financing which would otherwise limit their future financial capabilities. When you contract with Dejana Industries you know exactly how much work will be done because you designed the program. You know what it will cost ahead of time. Costly repairs, replacements, vacations, injuries, and other personnel problems will no longer affect the budget or level of service you have been promised. If funding goes up or down, future contracts can be tailored to meet cash flow and help to maintain a balanced budget. Dejana may even purchase your existing equipment and apply its value toward the contract, further reducing your costs.

Quality Equipment and Field Service
Municipalities should insist on the newest, most modern equipment when contracting. With Dejana Industries, you always get the newest technology available. Sweepers used on municipal contracts, for example, are never over five years old, with the average age of Dejana’s fleet just over two years old. The age of our equipment is a major reason Dejana Industries is able to maintain high levels of production without breakdowns typically associated with older equipment.

Keep in mind.....

Keeping in compliance with the “CLEAN WATER ACT” and ensuring that our lakes, rivers and bays are preserved requires “BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES”, including scheduled sweeping and catch basin cleaning.
Catch Basins must be cleaned on a scheduled basis in order to maintain their ability to trap sediment, pollutants, and to prevent flooding.

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